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Sarasota Glass railings

Sarasota Glass railings

Argentum Welding Corp. can create, design and repairs any kind of custom works. From tables, garden decoration, window guards, truck racks, aluminum dj lighting trusses, etc. Quality, reputation and experience make us the best metal fabrication shop in the area. We are usually called “The Artisans”, being able to accomplish any kind of project our customers can think of.

Hand Forging and Water jet

Our gallery shows some custom works made by us through the years. Hand forge steel and aluminum is our specialty. We can create any kind of shape or decoration. We are also able to waterjet  flat aluminum and steel sheets. Letters, symbols, animals, are among the shapes we usually create.

Shearing – Punching – Bending

We shear, punch and bend metals  in order to create any custom work design desired by our customers.WE can create any custom work you have in mind and suggest some alternatives based in our experience. We are more than a metal fabrication shop, we are usually called “Metal Artisans”.

Powder Coating

Once your project is finished we offer powder coating services in any color. From gloss, semi gloss, flat to different kind of  textures and warranties. We suggest one coat  for inland projects and a “Super Durable” double coat for pieces exposed salt water.

Metal/Glass Custom Works

We have fabricated Custom Works in aluminum and steel that include glass pieces. Altars, butterflies, tables, garden decorations. One of our best aluminum /glass custom works is located in the Faulhaber Residence -Casey  Key.

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